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Photos 2008

Around 75 Pirates gathered at Loose Park on Oct 5, 2008. 
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Ron Jegen, Kent Crippen, Sherry Nichols Jegen     Mary Haubein Wells, Trudy Hall, Mona Halliburton Hartzler, Ruby Ford Kennedy Diane Coronado Nichols, Frank Stockwell, Leon Barnes
  Mary Haubein Wells, Bill Ryan, Beverly Sewell Ryan     Mary Ann Taylor Olson, Billie Ross Nash
???, Sherry Falin Freeman Paula DeWitt? Ruby Ford Kennedy, Trudy Hall Beverly Sewell Ryan Mary Haubein Wells, Frank Stockwell
Forrest & Ruth Weddle, Lee Haubein Shirley Storey Stock, Dee Ann Stock Ken Stock, ??? Carolyn Audsley Newman, Art Davis, Marianne Williams Davis Bob Haubein, Ruth Weddle
Ann & Alan Gordon Sandra Warlen Rollins David Johnson, Susan Earhart Johnson Diane & Jim Nichols Marv Korn, ???, ???
Sharon Timms Johnson, Baylor Edwards, Billie Ross Nash Marv Korn,  Baylor Edwards      
      Frank Stockwell, Mary Haubein Wells, ???  
        Ed Rowe, Jim Rowe
Anne Benton Morrison, Shelton Gallas, Judy Royse McMahan Anne Benton Morrison, Roy Busdiecker, Marianne Williams Davis, Carolyn Reece John & Carolyn Reece M.L. (Mort) McGaw, Art Davis, Shelton Gallas, Roy Busdiecker, John Reece Gary Newman, M.L. (Mort) McGaw
Roy & Jan Busdiecker Dean & Priscilla Armstrong Anne Benton Morrison, Barbara Thomas Freeland, Jim Rowe, Judy Royse McMahan Leon Barnes, Shelton Gallas, John Reece Anne Benton Morrison, Barbara Freeland Thomas

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