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Grade Schools

Grade Schools in the Paseo District in 1926
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At the time of the start-up of the Paseo High School in 1926, fourteen elementary schools made up the Paseo District.  All these schools were founded in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  The following typifies the hardships in the lives and experiences at the turn of the 20th Century.

School sessions typically began in a two room frame building and carried with it the hardships of a pioneer in a sparsely settled country district.  The streets were ungraded, there were no sidewalks and stepping stones were the only crossings over very muddy roads.  Small children were often carried across the roads to the school yard by older boys who wore high rubber boots or were barefooted.  In the winter, big coal stoves heated the poorly built rooms very unevenly.  Brains simmered while toes froze and children near the big stove drowsed in the warmth while those near the windows shivered in their wraps.  At recess the ice in the row of water buckets on the bench in the school yard was broken to get a drink.  When it was too snowy to go out, the buckets and dippers were brought into the school room.

With the hardships of the pioneer came all the joys of the country.  Throughout the autumn and the warm spring days, windows were opened to let in the fresh, smokeless air.  The grassy school yards were ideal for games and studies and the views were superb in all seasons of the year.

 The city was rapidly growing southward, the streets around the schools became graded and paved, homes were being built and the children began going to school in a much improved atmosphere.

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