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Paseo HS Alliance



What is the Paseo Alliance?

What is planned for the Alliance?

What responsibilities have been assigned?

How can I help?

Meeting Photos

Contact the Alliance (please include your class year)


Alliance Meetings

Who: Former students of Paseo High School, 1926-1990.
Come visit with us, become a participant if you desire.
Where: Trailside Center (next to fire station)
9901 Holmes (southeast corner)
Kansas City, MO
Parking: Behind the building, off 99th Street
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What is the Paseo Alliance?    page top

Class representatives meeting to work out details of functions including members of all classes.  Those who are participating include the following.  If you would like to work with us, please use this link to Contact the Alliance.

First Name Last/Maiden Married Class Phone
Janice Delfs Ash ‘51 816-453-2236
Doyce Gentry   ‘52 816-561-1860
Martha Ober Lester ‘52 913-236-7846
Jim Rendina   ‘52 816-941-7631
Lola Donaldson Swanson ‘53 913-491-6967
Bob Kessler   ‘53 816-942-7291
Pat Nichols Ross ‘53 816-942-9560
Bill Ross   ‘53 816-942-9560
Kent Crippin   ‘54 913-649-2083
Steve Reiff   ‘54 913-362-3664
Mary Ann Taylor Olson ‘54 816-942-2975
Sharon Timms Johnson ‘54 816-373-7428
Baylor Edwards   ‘55 913-897-4215
Charles Hart   ‘55 913-383-2175
Don Miller   ‘55 913-381-3854
Pat O’Connor   ‘55 816-358-8637
Leon Barnes   ‘56 913-962-1721
Barbara Bayley Herrin ‘56 816-377-3909
Carole Eikost Hutchison ‘56 913-649-9701
Mary Haubein Wells ‘56 816-454-4536
Roy Busdiecker   ‘57 913-239-0270
Trudy Hall   ‘62 913-383-3638

What is planned for the alliance?    page top

A proposed statement of the purposes of the alliance follows.

"To communicate and coordinate information from existing sources about Paseo High School during the 1950s that may:

·        Renew friendships.

·        Continue Paseo’s heritage.

·        Announce multi-class social events.

·        Host an informative website common to all classes."

What responsibilities have been assigned?    page top


bulletLeon Barnes – chair
bulletBaylor Edwards – communication, correspondence
bulletRoy Busdiecker – website
bulletBarbara Bayley Herrin – minutes, newsletter
bulletCarole Eikost Hutchison - treasurer

    Social Events

bulletCarole Eikost Hutchison
bulletMary Ann Taylor Olson
bulletLola Donaldson Swanson
bulletMary Haubein Wells
bulletBarbara Bayley Herrin
bulletMartha Ober Lester

    Class contact persons

bullet1952 – Doyce Gentry
bullet1953 – Lola Donaldson Swanson
bullet1954 – Kent Crippin
bullet1955 – Baylor Edwards
bullet1956 – Barbara Bayley Herrin
bullet1957 – Roy Busdiecker
bullet1962 – Trudy Hall

How can I help?    page top

Get in touch with your class contact person or Baylor Edwards, or join us at one of our meetings.

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