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instructions for printing a yearbook page


These instructions assume that you have Microsoft Word on your computer.  With a little extra effort and guesswork you can also do it with Windows Wordpad, an applet included with Microsoft Windows.


1. Use your browser to reach the page you want to print..

2. Left-click on the thumbnail print of that page.

3. When the "full size" picture of that page comes up, right-click on it

4. When the pop-up menu appears, select Save Photo As ...

5. Select a file location for the picture and click Save.

6. Open a new document in Microsoft Word.

7. From the menu at the top of the page click Insert > Picture > From File...

8. Select the location and filename that you used to save the picture, then click OK.

9. When the picture appears in your document, left-click on the picture.

10. A thin black border with heavy dots at each corner will appear around the picture.

11. Put your mouse pointer on the bottom-right corner of the picture and hold down the left button as you drag that corner down and right until the picture fills the page.  If the margins at the edges of the page are wider than you like, you can change them in MS Word by clicking File > Page Setup..., then entering
the desired margins.

12. Print the document.



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