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Luncheon Photos

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June 27, 2011
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March 28, 2011
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Oct 11, 2010
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Feb 10, 2010

Committee Meetings

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The "meeting group" had an informal get-together at First Watch on August 22, 2009,  to wish Trudy Hall well on her upcoming operation.
August 22, 2009.jpg (260501 bytes)
L-R:  Forest & Ruth Haubein Weddle '60; Leon Barnes '56; Mona Haliburton Hartzler 62; Baylor Edwards '55; Trudy Hall '62; Roy Busdiecker '57


The November 8, 2008 meeting was.held at EggTC.

Trudy Hall,
Carole (Eikost) Hutchison

Ruth (Haubein) Weddle, Mary (Haubein) Wells

Barbara (Bayley) Herrin

Leon Barnes, Sondra & Baylor


The July 28, 2008 meeting was.held at First Watch.

Carole, Baylor, Ruth, Forest, MaryAnn
Leon, Mary, Roy & Trudy.jpg (103979 bytes)
Leon, Mary, Roy, Trudy
Mary Ann, Leon, Mary, Mona & Roy.jpg (118117 bytes)
Mary Ann, Leon, Mary, Mona, Roy


At the March 2008 meeting we were honored to have Dick Schauble, Class of 1930, participate in our meeting and relate some of his personal experiences.  Dick was accompanied by his daughter and grandson.

Dick Schauble, Paseo '30, with his daughter and grandson

Bob Kessler '53, Dick Kelly '53, Lola Donaldson Swanson '53, Dick Schauble '30, Mona Hartzler '62, Leon Barnes '56, Roy Busdiecker '57


The December 2007 meeting of the Paseo Alliance was held in the Roselle Court of the Nelson Atkins Art Museum on Wednesday, December 5, 2007.  Following the meeting several members toured the new Bloch wing of the museum.


Photos from the January, 2007, committee meeting at the Trailside Center
(photos by Leon Barnes '56)



Third meeting of the planning committee,
September 27, 2006, at the Trailside Center, 9901 Holmes, Kansas City, MO
(photos by Roy Busdiecker '57)

Left to Right:  Charles Hart '55, Leroy Barnes '56, Baylor Edwards, '55, Barbara Bayley Herrin '56, Carole Eikost Hutchison '56, Lola Donaldson Swanson '53

Left to Right:  Baylor Edwards, '55, Barbara Bailey Hutchinson '56?, Carole Eikost Hutchison '56, Lola Donaldson Swanson '53, Martha Ober Lester '52, Bob Kessler, Kent Crippen '54, (in back) Doyce Gentry '52


The second meeting of the committee was held on August 17, 2006, at the home of Jim Rendina, '52

First meeting of the planning committee,
July 19, 2006, at the Hereford House restaurant in Overland Park
(photos by Roy Busdiecker '57)
Left to right: Kent Crippin '54, Martha Ober Lester '52, Doyce Gentry '52, Steve Reiff '54, Sharon Timms Johnson '54, Leroy Barnes '56, Carol Eikost Hutchison '56 Left to right: Lola Donaldson Swanson '53, Baylor Edwards '55, Pat Nichols Ross '3, Charles Hart '55, Bill Ross '53

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