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Herb Kohn, Paseo Class of 1956

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Herbert Kohn is a Partner of Bryan Cave LLP and practices corporate, business and banking law. He was Chairman of Kansas City, MO, Mayor Kay Barnes' transition team in 1999 and Chairman of the Mayor's Charter Review Commission in 2000. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees for the Truman Presidential Museum & Library and is the past Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Kansas City Art Institute. He served as Director of Missouri Boys State and currently serves as a member of the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City and the Finance Committee of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Herb represented KC in connection with Sprint Center, the Power & Light District and the construction of the new H & R Block HQ building. He represented Jackson County in the construction of Royals Stadium and Arrowhead and represented KC in the successful return of Union Station to the City.

He is a former director of the Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Foundation and past Chairman of the Board of Shalom Geriatric and Convalescent Center and past Chairman of the United Way Professional Group. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Task Force studying Kansas City pension plans.


Photos from the July 30, 2012, Luncheon


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