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Sep 26, 2011

John Coleman Luncheon, September 26, 2011
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Organized by the Class of 1960
under the leadership of Linda Weed Van Slyke

September 26, 2011  JOHN COLEMAN, PASEO ART TEACHER during the 1950s and 60s, spoke to one of the largest Paseo Alliance luncheon gatherings yet.  The terms “favorite teacher” and “nicest person”  have often been used to describe John Coleman by those of us who knew him during the years that he taught at Paseo.  Mr Coleman regaled us with tales of his experiences at Paseo, keeping the crowd roaring with laughter.  After his presentation, there was a lighted birthday cake in a week-early celebration of his 90th birthday.  He blew out all the candles easily.  There was time to socialize with classmates prior to the luncheon meal.  We expected a big turnout, and we got one.  Following the event, Cecelia Heine Birckhead '62 reported, "John called yesterday and was so thrilled with the Paseo Alliance event. He said it was the highlight of his entire teaching career. What a wonderful gift to give anyone, at his age, looking at the long continuum."  That note was forwarded by Mona Haliburton Hartzler '62.

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above photos by Carole Owsley
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above photos by Mona Haliburton Hartzler

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