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Sam T. Gill
Class of '62 - Paseo High School

Sam Gill, a life-long resident of Kansas City, earned his B.A. in History from UMKC and, with 27 hours toward his Masters, his education was interrupted by the draft in 1968. Since then he has had articles published on the Civil War and other topics in such magazines as The Humanist, Civil War Times Illustrated, Military History, Campaigns, and The Skeptical Inquirer. 

 For fifteen years he taught an adult education course in logic and critical thinking called “Unsolved Mysteries and Extraordinary Phenomena” at Johnson County Community College. Additional sessions were given at Penn Valley, Longview, and the UMKC Communiversity. He was also featured for this course in the Kansas City Star Magazine, and has appeared as principal guest on local TV and radio talk shows numerous times with Walt Bodine, Mike Murphy, and others.

 Sam has often been a speaker on American history and related topics before church, school, civic, historical and hobby groups, including the Civil War Round Table, Junior League, John Knox Village, SAR, Lions Club, Kiwanis, Rotary, SCV, KC Posse of Westerners and Mensa. Sam was selected by the New Ulm, MN, Chamber of Commerce to speak at their 2000th anniversary commemoration of the massacre of the Roman Legions in the Teutoburg Forest in September, 2009. This presentation appeared on local TV and was attended by about 500 people.

 He conducts Battle of Westport auto tours and has given 20-30 minute talks on: Experiencing the Civil War, 1861-65; Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence, 1863; Jo Shelby Raids Missouri, 1863; The War of 1812 at Sea; The Fall of the Alamo, 1836; The Custer Massacre, 1876; Air Raid, Pearl Harbor, 1941; Ishi, the Last Native American, 1911.

 Sam's latest project is “Black Regiments in the Civil War”. This is a poignant story, the bare truth of which is as heroic and inspiring as any in US history.  “Black Regiments” runs over an hour, and important segments of it are set in the KC area. For all of these presentations he provides a diorama, or visual aids, plus music, etc.  All of his talks are interactive and include audience participation.

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