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Marlborough School

75th & Tracy
Principal:  Virginia Jones

The original Marlborough School was opened in September, 1914, in a two room frame structure located at 75th and Tracy.  Mr. H. M. Ingraham, a substitute teacher, was in charge.

All the grades were included in the work of the first year.

In 1914 enrollment of the school was 23 students and at the end of the school year of 1925, enrollment had grown to 143.

On March 25, 1914, land was purchased for a new school in the Marlborough district.  The school provided a temporary structure for the 74 students in what was then the Marlborough district which had been growing at a significant pace.

Then, in the summer of 1927 construction of a new Marlborough school was underway on 75th street between Virginia and Tracy avenues.  The three story building, designed by Charles A. Smith, contained 24 classrooms, manual training and domestic science rooms with an auditorium and gymnasium.

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