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Graceland School
51st & Chestnut
Principal:  Elizabeth J. Jones

In 1914, Graceland School opened as a two room school with 37 students.  Grades one through four were taught by two teachers.  By September, 1915, enrollment had grown to 66 students.  Growth in the neighborhood slowed and in 1916, many families had moved from the area and their homes were occupied by childless couples.

Building in the area was at a standstill.  However, three years after its opening, another annex was moved from the old Swope School making three rooms in session and in 1920 a fourth room was added.  There were now 175 students in attendance.  By 1927 Graceland had 258 students in attendance with 7 teachers.  Miss Elizabeth Jones, one of two original teachers became the Principal.

Between 1927 and 1935, the area surrounding Graceland remained stable but was not growing.  In 1940 a “Griffenhagen” survey indicated that Graceland should be closed and students should attend other schools in the area.  A mass meeting was called and 150 parents went to the Board of Education, argued their case and the school remained open.

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s the school continued to grow and by 1961, the enrollment at Graceland was over 500 students.

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