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Edwin C. Meservey
45th & Spruce
Principal:  Clara Falke

As was the case with many of the start-up grade schools in the Kansas City district, the E. C. Meservey School was started as a one room structure in November, 1923.  It was located on 45th and Spruce and was not far from Brush Creek.  Only 11 months later, the district added an additional 4 classrooms.  With the growth of the city, it was only four years later, in May, 1927, a bid was let to build a new permanent structure.

The new building design by Charles A. Smith was created to be built first in a central section and later, with both a right and then left wing as the school enrollment increased.  Both wings were completed by mid 1935.

Edwin C. Meservey was a well known businessman in Kansas City, was active in the development of the school district and served in many capacities in the district including President of the School Board.

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