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UPDATED: 05/23/15                                                                                                    Visitors:  Hit CounterClass of 1965


Paseo Alliance Class Representative:  Sharon Teague McCone,,

Paseo65_50th.jpg (807960 bytes)
2015 Reunion Announcement
P65_2015ReunionDetails.JPG (185974 bytes)
2015 Reunion

P65_2015Reunion_MissingPersons.JPG (179359 bytes)
Missing Classmates

2010 Reunion Invitation

'10 Paseo 45 reunion.jpg (116290 bytes)
2010 Reunion


'05 40 reunion Paseo group.jpg (96493 bytes)
2005 Reunion

'05 40 reunion table.jpg (73164 bytes)
2005 Table

Jane McGee Cudahy, Mrs. Gerdel, Sharon Teague McCone, Ginny Newberry, Sherry Koelling Randall, Lauren Bennett Cameron, Peggy Wilson Paddock, Louise Heine Schaefer

Reunion T-Shirts $15
Carole Pflanz Jennings at
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We have 3 small, 7 medium, 12 large, 7 XL and 1 2X. We can order more and print more. We also have the pirate ship and the pirate with the knife in his mouth that we have printed for other Paseo-ites. ('60)

1965_TShirt.JPG (31646 bytes)
1965_TLogo.JPG (39188 bytes)
T-Shirt Logo

'95 30 yr Paseo reunion.jpg (123442 bytes)
1995 Reunion

'90 '65 P class reunion 42 ys-1.jpg (130236 bytes)
1990 Reunion

'85 P reunion group.jpg (103261 bytes)
1985 Reunion

'85 Freds after reunion .jpg (95373 bytes)
85 Reunion

Donna Gardner, Mark McCone, Sherry Koelling Randall, Alice Kramer Neal, Sharon Teague  McCone, Susie Draney Harnden, Larry Quick

'85 S guys reunion.jpg (78730 bytes)
85 Reunion

 Sharon Teague McCone,Forrest Dieckman, Dick Edwards, Doug Gerdel

'75 Paseo 10 stroll line.jpg (77372 bytes)
1975 Reunio stroll line


'10 Paseo 45 reunion.jpg (116290 bytes)
2010 Reunion Group

IMG_0656.jpg (86555 bytes)
Louise Heine Schaefer, Peggy Stone Oesch, Jim Galliher '64, Dan Sarver, Norman Buebendorf, Jane McGee Cudahy

IMG_0658.jpg (78240 bytes)
Myrna Mestdagh Fraise, Louise Heine Schaefer

IMG_0659.jpg (80046 bytes)
Judy Johnson '64, Louise Heine Schaefer

IMG_0663.jpg (83604 bytes)
Sandra Stillwater, Jerry Bulavsky '64, Carol Albert Maienschein '64
IMG_0664.jpg (78161 bytes)
Renee Holmes Gardner, Richard Gardner '64
IMG_0666.jpg (81296 bytes)
Alice Kramer Neal, Linda Clark Smith, Lauren Bennett Cameron, Karen Bailey Dean, Diana Moberly Bowers
IMG_0667.jpg (70031 bytes)
Bill Tidd, Gary Mineo
IMG_0668.jpg (87867 bytes)
Barbara Altman French, Linda Clark Smith, Phyllis Barnes Yorston
IMG_0669.jpg (116759 bytes)
Loyce Joiner Caruthers, Joyce Joiner Watkins, Deborah Smalls Haskins
IMG_0670.jpg (76735 bytes)
Diana Moberly Bowers, Sharon Teague McCone, Martin Walker, Stephanne Stone Walker '67
IMG_0671.jpg (74412 bytes)
Louise, Jim Hack (friend of Sherry), Sherry Koelling Randall
IMG_0672.jpg (71956 bytes)
Mark McCone, Sharon Teague McCone
IMG_0674.jpg (62186 bytes)
Bill and Linda Oldham
IMG_3846.jpg (76845 bytes)
Class Officers: Gene Maienschein, Renee Holmes Gardner, Sherry Koelling Randall, Jane McGee Cudahy
IMG_0653.JPG (105125 bytes)
Glenn Zander '64
'10 7 Oaks Merservery.jpg (3178645 bytes)
'10  Seven Oaks/Merservery: Janice Quigg Pratt, Nancy Bennett Stevens, Paul Jones, Myrna Mestdagh, Mark McCone, Jeanette Bruce Kinser
'10 Bancroft45reunion.jpg (2385547 bytes)
'10  Bancroft: Carol Albert Maienschein '64, Sharon Scharnhorst Acton, Nancy Tolley Geier, Tom Nixon,               Barbara Altman French
'10 Fran Willard 45 reunion.jpg (2425268 bytes)
'10 Frances Willard: Seated: Willa Teeter Fitzgerald '66, Diana Moberly Bowers, Jeanette Bruce Kinser; Middle: Karen Bailey Dean, Linda Clark Smith, Mary Ann Webster Eichelberg '66, Lauren Bennett Cameron; Back: Norman Buebendorf, Sherry Koelling Randall, Jane McGee Cudahy, Sharon Teague McCone, Louise Heine Schaefer, Carole Pflanz Jennings '64, Gene Maienschein, Panela Stone Smith
'10 Graceland 45reunion.jpg (2224152 bytes)
'10 Graceland: Cavin Shelby, Mary Florence Burroughs, Bill Tidd, Margaret Florence Evans, William Markham
'10 Troost 45reunion.jpg (2148877 bytes)
'10 Troost: Martha McCully-Heenan, Martin Walker, Phyllis Barnes Yorston, Terry Hawks, Alice Kramer Neal
 '10 Paseo Myrna group.jpg (3325456 bytes)
Back: Sharon Scharnhorst Acton, Verna Kelsey Scott, Willa Teeter Fitzgerald, Nancy      Tolley Geier, Nancy Bennett Stevens, Front: Janice Quigg Pratt, Myrna Mestdagh Fraise
'10 S62PaseoRechanleast2.jpg (358334 bytes)
Myrna Mestdagh Fraise (turquoise sweater) was voted changed least.
'10 S62 45reunion.jpg (1720701 bytes)
Linda Goodell Tidd, Sharon Teague McCone

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