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1955 - 55th
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Reunion 2010

Women's maiden names shown

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Carol Dunavant, Judy Craig Carol Dunavant, Patty Painton, Judy Craig, Ruth Ann Pope Gerry Harris, Baylor Edwards Joe Salgot (Mary Rhoades)
Glen Rogers,
Louis Sohn (Connie Staley)
Mary Rhoades & Joe Salgot
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Bill Hubbard
Display by Judy Craig
Barbara & Al Beitchman Charles Hart, Bert & Diane Aaron Jo Ann Jenkins, Cynthia Greb,
Ruth Ann Pope
Robert Slosberg (Sonja), Barbara & Al Beitchman, Sonja Silverman, Linda Levy
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Judy Weinsheink, Phyllis Zurovsky, Arlene Rosenblum Sandie Rhonemus, Sue Tann Sue Tann Bruce Ford, Glen Rogers Dean Moor, Judy Craig
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Scott Prussack, Sonja Silverman Mother & Son Carol Craig, Jim Green Bill Hubbard, Jim Green,
Barbara Ayres
Joyce O’Hara, Baylor Edwards, Lorena Downs

Carol Craig, Dolores Deal

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Judy Craig, Pat O’Connor, Lois Rivers, Clarence Refer   Clarence Refer, Glen Rogers Janet Jackson, Gerry Harris Nadine Freeman, Phyllis Zurovsky
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Carol Dunavant, Bill Hahn,
Patty Painton
Duane Baldwin, Bert Aaron,
Diane Aaron, Pat O’Connor
Dottie Owens, Cynthia Greb, Janet Jackson Jackie Adelman, Connie Staley Judy Craig, John Vrentas
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Charlie Hart Ruth Ann Pope, Pat O’Connor, Barbara Ayres Bert Aaron, Gerry Harris Gerry Harris, our MC Linda Levy, Phyllis Zurovsky
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John Vrentas       “On her hill Paseo Towers, Fair and
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strong and high; Shaken not by wind and tempest, Pointing to.....” Duane Baldwin, Nadine Freeman, Glen Rogers    
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